Not a Chapter

From chapter 4.27 forward, I think my writing is going to feel a lot different.  Something changed yesterday.

I was provided a link to this article, which, even though I could not make myself actually do what is suggested, struck something of a chord in me.

A friend of mine suggested that I read Cryptonomicon, and I have been doing so, slowly crawling through the book, reading a chapter here, a chapter there.  Enjoying it and trying to get inside the head of the author at the same time.  The descriptiveness is so deep, so deceptively simple feeling while simultaneously being very complex.  You understand what makes the main characters tick, not because you are told, but because they show you.

These two things, added together, and thought about in the back of my mind for a couple days, have made a change.  Hopefully for the better.  I guess I’ll find out over time!

Oh, and the same folks that provided a link to the article above also led me to this series of lectures by Brandon Sanderson, and in the very first 5-part lecture, he stunned me by describing exactly what I am.  I am a Gardener-style writer.  It’s almost like he was talking about me when he described the Gardener writer, and some common strengths and weaknesses we have.  I have high hopes for the rest of his lecture series.

If this keeps up, I might have to find the time, somehow, to start taking some creative writing classes or something.

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