Bob in his armor MKII, circa Book 2

Bob in his armor MKII, circa Book 2

Fellow who goes by the name Fault did this for me as a commission.
I highly recommend him, but he’s a busy person, and takes commissions when he has time.
If you want to see if he’s taking commissions right now, go here:


    • farmerbob1

      It is teardrop shaped, but you are seeing it from the front. Imagine a teardrop racing bicycle helmet crossed with a motorcycle helmet and a full enclosure virtual reality helmet.

      • IWannaBeATiger

        I just always pictured a face instead of the swirl. Is that a swirl they look kind of curved to me not sure if that’s just me seeing things though.

        • farmerbob1

          The helmet is meant to be both aerodynamic, and provide a lot of surface area for cooling. There is a central spike at the center of the face. The lines radiating away from the spike are grooves lined with carbon nanotubes for cooling that sweep back along the teardrop shape of the helmet. The grooves meet again at the tapered back of the helmet.

    • farmerbob1

      Yup, I still check in now and then, but my writing time has been near zero for the last few years. I now drive a truck for a living, and as of January of last year, I bought my own truck, so I must stay busy to pay it off ASAP.

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