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Benefactor has been published!

Quite a few people over the last couple years have asked how they could donate to me, and I’ve always indicated that I didn’t want to take money unless I could give something in return besides a few pixels on a web page.

Well, I can now offer pixels on your Kindle!  (Or on your free-to-download Kindle Reader on your desktop.)

A couple months ago, I wrote a short story that I enjoyed.  I’ve poked and prodded at it, and decided that I wanted to publish it.  Firstly, because it’s good (I think) and secondly because I wanted to figure out how to do the Amazon E-book publishing process with a short story before I tried it with a novel.

If you have enjoyed my writing, and would like to ‘donate’ by buying something, you can find Benefactor for sale here.

The story is roughly 7500 words, and priced at 0.99.  If you enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate a review!

Not a Chapter: Set In Stone project has begun

I have started my third writing project, called Set In Stone, and you can find the backstory here.

Set In Stone is going to be a planned project, unlike Symbiote and Reject Hero.  It is going to be science fiction, but a type of science fiction that there are very few examples of.  Stonepunk.  The story is also going to be rational fiction, meaning that everything in the setting should make sense, and the actions of most characters will be understandable.

Yes, if you are thinking Flintstones, they are stonepunk.  They are, however, not rational stonepunk!

No chapter content has been created yet, outside of my own mind.  I am now beginning to build the rough series story arc and the more detailed first book arc.  In order to build a rational world that my characters would inhabit, I felt that I needed a backstory.  I have created the backstory now, and invite anyone who reads this to follow the link above and let me know what you think.

Not a Chapter

From chapter 4.27 forward, I think my writing is going to feel a lot different.  Something changed yesterday.

I was provided a link to this article, which, even though I could not make myself actually do what is suggested, struck something of a chord in me.

A friend of mine suggested that I read Cryptonomicon, and I have been doing so, slowly crawling through the book, reading a chapter here, a chapter there.  Enjoying it and trying to get inside the head of the author at the same time.  The descriptiveness is so deep, so deceptively simple feeling while simultaneously being very complex.  You understand what makes the main characters tick, not because you are told, but because they show you.

These two things, added together, and thought about in the back of my mind for a couple days, have made a change.  Hopefully for the better.  I guess I’ll find out over time!

Oh, and the same folks that provided a link to the article above also led me to this series of lectures by Brandon Sanderson, and in the very first 5-part lecture, he stunned me by describing exactly what I am.  I am a Gardener-style writer.  It’s almost like he was talking about me when he described the Gardener writer, and some common strengths and weaknesses we have.  I have high hopes for the rest of his lecture series.

If this keeps up, I might have to find the time, somehow, to start taking some creative writing classes or something.

Table of Contents

I, myself, have started having a hard time navigating the archive, so when someone suggested a real table of contents, I knew it was about that time. Since I have something of a dislike for clutter, I’ve created a post for the Table of Contents to hide in, which can be accessed by a link in the top menu, or by a link in the sidebar to the right.

A reverse order table of contents was chosen, but, if desired, it wouldn’t take much effort to create a table of contents organized in a normal fashion. Let me know below if this really doesn’t work for you. If enough people dislike it, I will make a normal table of contents.

Reverse order table of contents:

Edit Notice: Chapter 4.23

I normally do not announce chapter edits as posts – I would drive you all crazy if I did, since each chapter starts out as a first draft when it hits the blog, and typically gets at least a dozen edits before I’m done poking at it.  This edit was significant though, not just a restructuring of what was already there, changed spelling, or grammar improvement.

If you see this post after you have already read chapter 4.23, I have just completed an edit of the end of the chapter, describing in clearer detail what Bob was doing and why, a tiny bit more detail about how nuclear weapons are supposed to work, and also adding in some extra content where he’s talking to himself about things not immediately related to surviving the bomb.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer.  As far as I am aware, my portrayals of nuclear warheads and antimatter explosions are accurate to the real world.

Writing starts again tonight

Sorry for being slack the last few days, folks.  On that note, I’ve never done three chapters in one day before.  I won’t promise three, but I’ll commit to two and take a poke at three – after I grab some sleep.  Really looking forward to writing again, and I’m certainly feeling a bit less stressed out after a few days blowing things up on Guild Wars 2.

Not a Chapter

Just giving a heads up that there will not be a chapter today.  There may not be a chapter tomorrow either.

Today and perhaps tomorrow will be devoted to blowing things up in a game to relieve stress in real life.

This is one of those days when I wish I maintained a writing buffer like some authors, so I could keep things flowing, even when I really don’t feel like trusting myself to write.

Since readers see what I write five minutes or less after I finish writing it, anything I write today would not have any filters on it.

I need to just back off the writing one or two days.

Web Fiction Guide listing, yay!

I was looking at my referrers in stats and noticed as a referrer.

Yay!  I’m listed there now!

This means that I need to figure out a visible, yet not terribly annoying, method of linking there.
Both for people to find other things to read, and to vote for Symbiote.  Eventually.

I think I’ll write two chapters tomorrow to celebrate 🙂