**Symbiote will be extremely violent at times, but there will never be any descriptions of active sexuality.  There will be lots of innuendo and regular references to those body parts related to sex, but I don’t feel like writing porn.

I’ve had ideas floating around in my head for years for lots of different stories, but like most people I never put them to paper.  Then I was introduced to Wildbow’s Worm

Seeing serial fiction working, and being a good story, I started to try to figure out how I might use serial fiction to have fun with my own ideas, starting with a fanfic for Worm.

So I started with this short Worm fanfic: Arc

People seemed to like it so I used it to help blow the rust off of old writing skills, but I kept it short.

Now I’m working with my own stuff to see if I can develop my own skills, have fun, and entertain others.

Even if you don’t much care for my writing, give Wildbow’s work a shot.  It’s years worth of regular writing efforts on their part, 15-20 novels worth, and very much worth reading if you like grey morality fiction and/or the superhero genre.

23NOV2013 – figured out that there were really handy linking tools built into the post editor.  This led to rapid deployment of  “Last Chapter” and “Next Chapter” links at the top and bottom right of each page.  This should make navigation a wee bit easier.

Start Reading Symbiote Here


    • farmerbob1

      No, what I have written is definitely not erotica. I do not shy away from referencing sex, but I do not depict anything beyond very early foreplay or sexual innuendo.

  1. sjn511

    Hi, can you give a synopsis, and the genres? Would be helpful – I personally hate reading halfway and finding out story has something I dislike.

  2. Nanjou Sachi

    Hey can you give me a synopsis of the story of sorts? It would help to know what the story is about generally.

    • farmerbob1

      It’s something of an exploration into human/machine singularity or transhumanism. I explore my own ideas about how a moderately-educated individual would react to sharing a body and headspace with an advanced AI, and how they might grow together.

      I also explore how society might react to rapid expansion of transhumans, though I will admit that many of the reactions are probably overboard. I needed conflict from somewhere.

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