Copyright, Fanfic, and Crossover Stuff

Copyright Notice

Symbiote is my original work, and I retain all rights to characters, story, concepts, settings, and all other definable creative aspects within the Symbiote universe.


If others wish to write non-income-generating fanfiction or crossover fiction, I have no objection, provided that a link, text address, or description of how to create the web address to my original Symbiote story is clearly indicated at the beginning of the first page of the content. (Some fanfic sites don’t allow live links, or even text links, but if what you put in place tells people how to find the original Symbiote story, that’s what I want.)




This took up way too much space on my sidebar.  So I’m creating a post, and linking the post to the sidebar, and to the top menu.


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  3. Jesse

    I wanted to ask you whether I could post your book on Wattpad?
    Please gmail me with your answer.
    Thank You!

    • farmerbob1

      Please do not republish the story elsewhere. That may complicate my life if/when I ever get the time to edit the story and publish it more professionally. Link it all you want though!

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