Not A Chapter: My Next Fiction Project

It’s been a few days since I ‘finished’ Symbiote (for now – I am confident I will return, but when I do, it will be a complete rewrite of everything from scratch)

I have mentioned in a few places that I am planning to try my hand in the super-powered genre.  I have set up the new site now, and it’s ready for me to start adding content when I finish the small non-fiction project I’m working on.  Updates might start as soon as in a couple days, depending on how much pain and suffering I need to put myself through to format a pamphlet in Smashwords.

Come visit Reject Hero, and hear the story of ‘Strangest’ a jaded but still mostly-good-hearted middle-aged super-person whose alter ego is hated so much that the world forced a name on him.

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