Not a Chapter

Chapters 4.35 and 4.36 got some rewriting to address a problem I created for myself, when I tried to address the problem of how Ayva found Bob’s cave.  A cave that he had intentionally created in a difficult to find place, near enemy territory.

In essence, how Ayva found Bob’s cave has completely changed.  To me, what is written now restored some of Bob’s feeling of potential betrayal that 4.35 lost due to adjustments.  I had to go beyond Bob and Ayva to do that, but the loss of a lot of the sense of potential betrayal was more important than avoiding a tiny bit of deus ex machine from A.  4.36 carries over some of that fear of potential betrayal a bit better now, I think.

And now, I will start writing the final chapter of book 4.  Whether it’s word count is 5k, 10k, or 20k.  I hope to have it complete by this coming Tuesday.


Oh, also.  *poke* *poke*  A lot of you voted for me one time over on topwebfiction when I mentioned you could vote many times, but that week is now gone, and I’ve fallen back to the levels I was at before.

I do write as much for myself as I do for others, but I really do appreciate you folks telling the rest of the world that my story is something you enjoy.  I’m not putting a link here this week, but you will find one in the green button menu up top.  Don’t just vote for Symbiote though, surely you are reading something else that you enjoy!  I maintain votes for seven, personally.

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