Not a chapter

Well, all is well but while poking around on the internet briefly in a couple places, it seems as f the Spacebattles forum webpage is down.

Question it, is Spacebattles down as an action of the Grinch, or is it Santa?  Or perhaps something in between where either elves or gremlins are having their way with things?

Only time will tell, I suppose.

On a side note, I had a bizarre thought earlier this morning:

My mother’s cat was apparently fascinated with the smell of the new deodorant I recently bought.

So the following thought occurred to me out of nowhere at my mother’s cat was headbutting my armpits:

Catnip scented deodorant, for the cat lover with everything.  Imagine the YouTube video potential.  Especially if it is given as a gag gift to a person with several cats in their house, without telling them what’s in it.

You’re Welcome, cat video lovers.  Cat owners, however, might want to stock up on bandaids because humans will almost certainly be harmed in the filming of said videos, if they should ever occur.

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