Not a Chapter – just life

Just felt like venting a bit.

Nothing BAD is happening, just irritating things that are piling up.

The truck recently had the thermostat replaced, now the temperature sender is gone.  I accidentally replaced the sensor instead, which meant another trip to two auto parts stores to get a replacement for the sender.

While replacing the sensor, the thermostat housing cracked slightly, which means that I will need to replace that soon, which I will take it to the shop for, because I don’t do repairs on parts that have gaskets in hard to reach places unless I absolutely must.

I heard the housing crack, it was me, not the shop that I had replace the thermostat. Joy.  At least it’s not leaking yet.  15 year-old composite/plastic housing crap – gets weaker as it ages, but it’s still my fault.

The USPTO seems to have missed my provisional patent information in the correction paperwork that I supplied, so I have to chase that.

I also need to do a couple more USPTO things for follow up data after filing (Information disclosure statement, etc.)  No rush to do it but it needs doing so I’ll get it done ASAP.

Then there’s a trip to visit family that I’m trying to arrange for, which requires a 500 mile round trip – with a cracked thermostat housing, if I don’t get that fixed before the trip.

Then there’s the last few days of vacation time that I’m trying to get scheduled at work.

Then there’s the health and wellness stuff I have to manage for work before the end of the year or I pay $2000 more for health insurance over the next year in payroll deductions.

Have I forgotten anything?  No.  I don’t think so.

Time for a Newcastle before bed.

There *should* be a chapter tomorrow.


  1. murray

    This section seems out of character for everyone in your story. Haha Newcastle is one of my favourite beers! Hope you were able to resolve things satisfactorily. Or at least enjoy the beer!

    • farmerbob1

      Indeed, most of these things resolved with few additional problems. The patent is what I’m currently writing up in pamphlet form. Well, I’ve finished writing it, now it’s being edited. I thought about editing it myself then slapped myself and said “non-fiction, dummy, and you’re trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about.”

      So I found a nonfiction editor and spent more money than I wanted to in order to have someone help me clean up the writing.

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